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The Holidays

Good Morning,

The Holiday Season is truly underway and the time old question of what do we get our loved ones, is once again upon us. If you're like me the older my kids get the harder it is for me to think of a thoughtful gift.

This year seams to be especially trying, we're told to stay home so going shopping isn't ideal. The deliveries are delayed and not guaranteed to arrive or in short supply. I've found myself trying to think outside the box this year. My oldest is working on growing his herd so a livestock brand of his own seams appropriate. My college age daughter on the other had is still a mystery and what does a teen age boy actually need?

I truly believe that quality beef in your freezer would make a good gift. We're sold out this holiday season but we do have some available in March and could make up a killer gift certificate for it, if interested contact us.

If you read this blog, Thank You! This is all new to me.

Have a Blessed Day!

Jolynne @ 4 Bar

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